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Government of the Canary Islands - spain

The Vice-Ministry of Foreign Action of the Government of the Canary Islands coordinates the action of the Autonomous Community that is projected outside Spanish territory and constitutes the direct support of the Presidency of the Government as an institutional representation of the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands.

radio ecca, fundación canaria - spain

Radio ECCA is a distance and/or online education entity for adults (of public interest) and a social action NGO born in the Canary Islands in the mid-1960s.

This entity works with AFRIMAC to foster the capacity of human capital and to promote entrepreneurship through educational and awareness tools that are not presential.

asociación heroikka - SPAIN

The non-profit Heroikka Association was created in response to the need to create a safe, tolerant and free space for women to collaborate, be inspired, create and learn from each other while leading or designing new projects or solutions for their community.

In collaboration with the Heroikka platform, we will be able to obtain social impact measurements that will allow us to understand the initiatives and projects that have an impact on each community and how their resources can be improved.

Heroikka- SPAIN

At Heroikka, we believe that every woman has incredible qualities and abilities. If you want to use your talent to make an impact on your community and the world, then you are a Heroikka.

There are many ways to make an impact, and they all start with you and the legacy you want to leave to future generations.

Casa África - SPAIN

Casa África's work consists of promoting good understanding and trust between Spain and Africa and strengthening Spanish-African relations through educational, cultural and outreach activities. Casa África also acts as part of the strategy of the Marca España project, making known the opportunities that the African continent offers to Spanish professionals, companies and investors.

To fulfil this mission, Casa África supports the internationalisation, mainly in the political-strategic field, of Spanish companies that operate or wish to operate in Africa, and promotes collaboration between public and private actors.

AEME (Agence pour l'Economie et la Maîtrise de l'Energie) - senegal

The Agence pour l'Economie et la Maîtrise de l'Energie (AEME) is the operational arm for the implementation of the national energy management policy. To this end, it is based on the promotion of energy efficiency, rational use and diversification of energy among all consumers and for all sectors of activity.

Ministèrio da Industria Comércio e Energia - cape verde

The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Energy is the Cape Verdean government department whose task is to design, propose, coordinate, implement and evaluate government public policies in the areas of infrastructure, industry, trade and energy, quality management, intellectual property protection, industrial property rights, the trading system and network, renewable energy and desalination.

Ministèrio da Educação de Cabo Verde - cape verde

Government department whose mission is to define, implement and evaluate the national policy of the education system, for pre-school, basic, secondary and technical education, non-formal education, higher education, scientific research, technological development, as well as school social action.

Association de lutte contre la pauvreté en Mauritanie (ALPM) - mauritania

The purpose of this NGO is to intervene in the current situation in Mauritania with regard to health, poverty, water scarcity and education. ALPM is active in different regions of the country, such as Nouakchott (where it is based), Kankossa, Somnat and Assaba.

Association Initiatives pour un Développement Endogène (IDEE) - mauritania

IDEE, a Mauritanian NGO, seeks to raise women's awareness of various issues, such as the danger of early marriage and female genital mutilation, and the importance of vaccinating children, living in an environment with good hygiene and sanitation, receiving education and being fed. They are active in areas such as Kilinkaré, Touldé, Kebbe, Lexeiba, etc.